Off to the Faroes!

I should have been packing for the Faroes tonight, as it’s my only free evening this week before heading off. I go to Aberdeen on Thursday evening, and then Justin, Niall and I fly to the Faroes on Friday afternoon. I can’t wait. However, when I came home from work today I found the final eight episodes of Lost waiting on my doormat.

Packing, or Lost. Can you guess what I spent the whole evening doing? Yes. Back to back. Not even a toilet break. It was stupendous – gripping, edge of the seat, and I don’t think my jaw could have dropped any further if I’d detached it from my head. I can honestly say that I am left quite shell-shocked by the finale.

Back to matters Scandinavian, I’ve not managed to “revise” the guidebooks as fully as I’d hoped. But there’s plenty to do and see in the Faroes that we know of. Not least, two football matches to watch – we have tickets sorted to the Italy match on Saturday, though tickets for the Scotland game on Wednesday are not yet in the bag. No doubt we will have plenty of exciting daytrips to various parts of the islands, and perhaps even an overnight trip to a further-flung corner. A friend told me the other day that Torshavn has an oustanding nightlife, too.

We’ve got a self-catering flat sorted in the town, which has internet access. I’ll be taking my laptop, so not only will you get blog updates, you lucky things, but there’ll probably be copious numbers of photos as well.

Anyway, it’s late and I should go to bed. And after seven hours of back to back Lost, I really need a pee…

One thought on “Off to the Faroes!

  1. I can’t believe you blogged the fact you watched 7 hours of lost without going to the toilet BEFORE going to the toilet! I assume you were not drinking copious quantities of beer…

    Have fun on your travels.

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