OK Commuter

My experience of working in Edinburgh and getting up at 6.40am this week hasn’t been too bad so far, apart from being very tired at the end of the day.

But after three days, it’s amazing how much I have easily slotted into the routine of the subway into the city centre and the train to Edinburgh. The time passes quickly thanks to my iPod and my latest book (which Jenny gave me after visiting Scotland and which I have only found the time to start thanks to my commute). I’ve even started to see the same people on my journeys.

Besides my book, I’ve also started to read the Metro on the train – though I can assure you it’s really only interesting if you read it over someone else’s shoulder.

3 thoughts on “OK Commuter

  1. I am an over-the-shoulder reader when it comes to newspapers and restaurant menus.

    I totally forgot I sent you that book! In retrospect, I wondered if you would enjoy it at all. You’ll have to let me know. Whatever you do , though, do not see the movie, as it is horrible.

  2. Went to Glasgow today for first time in months… read the metro on the way and you are right Simon it is so much more interesting reading the copy of the person sitting next to you on the underground (as I used to do!!)

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