One day in LA

Grasshopper sounds. Donuts for breakfast. Hollywood Boulevard. The red carpet at the Oscars. The LA metro. Mulholland Drive. The Hollywood sign. Beautiful people jogging with tiny dogs. Downtown. Skyscrapers. Heat. Buses. City Hall. Airy cathedral. Tacos. Burritos. Biggest Coke you’ve ever seen. Rodeo. Rich people. Big houses. Sunset Boulevard. Santa Monica. Beach. Pier. Cupcakes. Sunset. Freeway. Ribs.


5 thoughts on “One day in LA

  1. Oh no – the comedy effect of my previous comment has been ruined by my failure to adjust my newly created WordPress account to use my full name.


  2. Oh, and I have given you one of those bloggy award thingies. Check my blog for details, please (once you’re back, of course!).

    Lots of love and all that good stuff,
    Cxx šŸ™‚

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