Ongoing technological problems

Since getting back from being away this afternoon, I’ve been sorting a couple of IT problems.

As you’ll perhaps recall, my old PC laptop is dead, along with lots of my data. On the back of Iain’s suggestion I took it to a local IT repair shop, Sutherland SAS, after talking to a helpful man on the phone. The same helpful man is now looking into it, and hopefully later this week I’ll have my data rescued from it.

Meanwhile my newly-repaired iPod arrived back this weekend from UK iPod Repairs. The sound is now working on it, but in the course of fixing it, the lock on the top of the iPod is now broken, so I can’t lock it and avoid accidentally knocking buttons. I emailed UK iPod Repairs, fearing they’d write back saying something like “tough, we fixed what you asked us to”, but they actually wrote back saying they’d look into it if I posted it back to them. Which was nice. Fingers crossed they’ll solve the new problem without actually charging me anything new.

Life’s never simple, is it?

One thought on “Ongoing technological problems

  1. Thanks for the link to the iPod repairs… we have five in the house at the moment from nanos to 160GB classic… so the potential for needing repairs is high, especially as three are owned by teenagers!! My daughter just had the classic replaced by Apple after it stopped charging with only a month left on her 15 month warranty… but from January the other four are out of warranty…

    Hope your problem is solved, sounds like my rolling programme of problems with my laptop!

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