As many of you know, I’ve been attempting to write up my mullet-hunting experiences in recent months. Many people have told me it would make a great book, so perhaps if I scribble it all down, one day it might be.

The writing process is frustratingly slow, but because I’m off work today and Monday due to local holidays, I am attempting to use the free time for writing.

I’ve been spending the afternoon on my Albanian chapter. In a nutshell, I visited Albania in 2003 to track down the village of Mullet, but it seemed that due to either errors in transliteration or spelling, or just my bad research, it turned out to be called Milot. We drove past it anyway, me in a very grumpy mood.

Oops indeed.

However, while checking a couple of facts about Albania on the web this afternoon, to help me with the chapter, I stumbled across a very detailed map of the centre of the country. It seems my planning was even more rubbish than I thought.

I’d best stop writing this blog before I scream some most unsavoury expletives. Except to say: who fancies a trip to Albania?

10 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Simon, this is ideal fuel for the literary fire, but it can only work if you make it the final stage of your mullet world tour. A return to where it started, and trip to repair past errors.

    Also, hopefully then will you realise and admit to yourself that during 1st year of university you too had a mullet. It’s true – I have photos.

  2. Simon, the camera never lies, and I see a mullet sported in that early photo. Remember, back then you were just the boy from the islands, not the swanky city kid you are now, and the mullet was seen as very fashionable.

    It was a pretty scraggy mullet mind you, so I can see why you’re in denial.

  3. Simon, you need to face up to your past and embrace it, denial is not good (my therapy rates are very reasonable by the way). I can now cheerfully admit that I had mullet hair (mind you it was in the 1980s – yes I am ancient – when it was actually fashionable, not just bad long hair)

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