Phone stuff

My phone is working again, thankfully. I have, however, lost various recent numbers from it, for reasons I can’t be bothered explaining – so if you gave me your mobile number in the last year or two, perhaps you’d be so good as to text me, telling me who you are.

Unless you’d be glad for the chance to be shot of me, of course.

My new temporary phone will only be with me a matter of weeks, however, because the new iPhone is coming – and seeing as how my contract is up, it’s a perfect time to defect.

In other news, I had a nice weekend in Ballater, rounding off an interesting and refreshing week off. I even spent a morning in the town of my birth, Dingwall, for reasons I’ll divulge in the next few weeks.

Here’s a couple of photos I’ve taken over the past few days. I took plenty more but few were any good.

Tomorrow, work sees me heading off to Dundee. Wave if you see me.

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