I love photography, and really want to be better than I am. I usually carry a camera around with me – a wee Sony DSC-W210, which is good enough to take decent shots but small enough to fit in my pocket.

I like taking shots of scenery, architecture and live music, among other things. Photo-sharing website Flickr is a great way to learn, share and improve.

Photoshop or other digital post-production never feature in my shots – so what you see is what I took.

On this page is a slideshow of my very best. To see more, visit my Flickr.

Please note, though, that my photos are mostly available under a Creative Commons licence, so if you want to use the photo beyond the conditions then a small fee will apply.

Some of my photos have been spotted and published in a variety of books, magazines and websites (and I was once commissioned to photograph a ceilidh – not bad for someone more into landscapes and architecture!). If you are interested in using or buying one of my photos then please get in touch.