Photos from the deep south

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I’ve uploaded some photos from my trip to Edinburgh last weekend, including the Explosions in the Sky gig and the day’s exploring of Edinburgh I wrote about here.

Click here for more of the Edinburgh shotsThe gig was excellent, and EITS were on top form, delivering a show that was powerful, gripping and beautiful.  I was really glad I made it down to it.  They played plenty of their best tracks, including a good few off their new album, and (perhaps this makes me sound somewhat old) the best thing was it wasn’t too loud – the music was allowed to speak for itself and not rely on excessive volume to make an impact (I’m looking at you, Mogwai).

That’s the second time I’ve seen them and I’d happily see them again.  I’ve been listening to their new album a lot lately and think it’s cemented itself in my top 10 favourite albums.

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