Pinch, punch…

I’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend doing not very much, visiting a few interesting places and taking a few photos.

Sunday was St Andrew’s Day of course, and there was a bit of music in the Northern Meeting Park as a result.

Today I visited Strathpeffer and Cromarty, both for the first time. They are places I’ve wanted to see for a long time as they are said to be among the prettier villages in the highlands. And they were both lovely.

Strathpeffer was a slight let-down, however, as nearly everything was closed. Make sure you either go in the summer months or avoid Mondays.

Cromarty was a pretty place, and as a former county town it boasts a few impressive buildings.

It’s been nice to be at home for a few days and have a quiet time of it.

All that will end tomorrow, however, as I head off to London for the best part of a week…

2 thoughts on “Pinch, punch…

  1. Simon, you have visited Strathpeffer before, just over five years ago when helping me load the contents of a van into my grandfather’s house. Mind you, I suppose it was a fairly brief and limited visit.

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