Portland, Oregon

I’m slowly finishing off the uploads of photos from the USA trip.

You can find a bunch of pictures of Portland here, which was the only place we really rested in Oregon. Time was pressing, and we did a nine hour drive one day from Eureka, in the far north of California, to Portland, at the north of Oregon. It was a long day and I certainly slept well that night, especially after a couple of drinks.

It was a shame not to have stopped more in Oregon and seen the beautiful mountains and forests, and the curious wee towns and villages with amazing and occasionally very kitsch wood carvings. But needs must, and we sped on to Portland which – in the couple of daylight hours we spent there – we found to be a pleasant surprise.

The city had a gritty, post-industrial riverside, reminiscent perhaps of Newcastle, and a lovely city centre area. It had the informal, grungy feel I was expecting Seattle to have (but didn’t).

Seattle and various other parts of Washington came next before the homeward journey; but I’m in Edinburgh tomorrow, then Perth and Skye the week after, so perhaps I’ll get the very last ones done over this weekend, I am not sure.

You’ll just have to wait on the edge of your seats to find out…

4 thoughts on “Portland, Oregon

  1. Great photos as usual simon!

    Where are you going in Skye? If you happen to be in staffin you should get some photos of the bay and the quirang. Oh and Portree harbour as well as Uig harbour would be lovely spots for photographs too.

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