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Durham CathedralIt’s funny how people have different interpretations of what looks good.

I was browsing through my Flickr photos the other day, wondering why some photos get favourited and receive complementary comments, but not necessarily the ones I am most proud of.

I was surprised, therefore, to receive an email today from Bentley Institute Press, a publishing house for the American architecture, engineering and construction industry. They asked for my permission to use this photo of Durham Cathedral in a forthcoming book on architectural geometry.

Now I can barely spell “architectural geometry”, let alone understand the concept. That said, I do appreciate dramatic architecture, and my building shots are among some of my better ones. In my view, anyway.

And I know the photo would have been selected for purely technical or geometric reasons, but for what it’s worth I don’t even reckon it’s my best shot of the cathedral, and would instead refer you here, here or here.

So anyway. Potentially my first published photo. I don’t think I can give up the day job just yet, but it’s still nice to think I may soon be able to describe myself as an internationally published photographer.

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  1. Simon, it is obvious really, the shot above shows quite nicely the geometry of the interior of the building, that is not captured in the other shots.

    Note the arches within and above other arches at the far side of the building, in such a narrow space this can be quite difficult to capture.

    It is a pretty cool shot, but the real question is, are they sending you a copy of the book?

  2. I have also had a few pictures used for various things. One of my shots of City Chambers was chosen for the Schmapp Glasgow City Guide, and a shot I took in Belfast was used for an online news story on binge drinking. I agree, I’m usually confused by the pictures chosen as they never seem to be what I think are the best shots.

  3. I would say that was a very clear, well-defined textbook shot. It’s not about how the 2d picture looks, but how much detail of the 3d scene is captured. (and also what Donald says). I think this is actually the most pro-looking photo by far. Well done!

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