Black and white morningThis week has been an incredibly busy week, and it felt like I was away for longer than just the three nights. I’ve been shattered all weekend.

Lots of news, and I might take the coming week to deal with it all, but let me start with my new camera – a Sony DSC-W210, for those for whom these names mean anything – which is better and cheaper than my old one.

I have yet to figure out all the settings, but at least it is familiar enough to my old one so as not to be too inaccessible. One of my very first efforts, taken in Edinburgh this week, is on the right.

Hopefully in the coming week I will get out and about to try out the different settings – though the one disadvantage to the much-welcome change to British Summer Time is the lack of opportunities for long-exposure night shots, which are among my favourite kinds to take.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, there have been a couple of developments with my writing, but I’ll keep those under my hat for the time being. I’ll also do a bit of a review of Firefly and Serenity. And hopefully I’ll have soon figured out how to solve the problem with publishing my website…

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