Quiet times, whisky and Aviemore

I’ve not blogged for a week or so, largely because there’s been nothing to blog about – life has been quiet and uneventful of late, which has been nice. The only thing of note has been the quiet passing of my year anniversary in Glasgow. 365 days with not a trace of Weegie in my accent – long may it continue.

There’ll be one or two interesting things to blog about later on this week, though, so watch this space.

Yamazaki, Japanese whiskyMeanwhile tomorrow night I am off with a friend to the Lismore, a lovely pub on Dumbarton Road which is fast becoming my favourite pub in Glasgow.

The Lismore is a fairly typical old man pub without being spit and sawdust, and is bustling without being chaotic. It’s got friendly staff, occasional musicians fiddling away in the corner, and possibly the largest range of whisky I’ve ever seen behind a bar.

My friend, who’s probably a bigger whisky buff than me, and I often go in there to try out one or two of them, and last time we sampled a Japanese whisky, Yamazaki. I’m always cynical of foreign whiskies, and this one was bizarre – nice aroma, but a bit too sweet, almost liqueur-like.

Tomorrow night’s visit is for a blind whisky-tasting and quiz. I doubt we’ll do all that well – most of the regulars look like they’ve had many more years’ experience of whisky than either of us.

Then I am off to Aviemore at the weekend, with a pile of folk from church. It’s been organised by a couple of snowboarders, and the “deathmarchers” (hillwalking group) and others have joined in too. It sounds like a nice mix of people going – some I know well, and some I don’t know at all.

I doubt I’ll be deathmarching particularly hard though, and certainly won’t be trying out snowboarding: I’m looking forward instead to packing my iPod and a couple of good books and having a peaceful weekend away from Glasgow and back in the Highlands.

There’ll be a full report, and no doubt some photos, when I get back.

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