As you’ll maybe have read, I’ve been working towards heading off mullet-hunting in September and have been trying to make plans. I’ve also, however, been struggling to convince myself that this autumn is the right time to go.

While my heart says “go” and my head says “hmm, not sure”, my wallet has been having apoplexy at the prospect of returning jobless and penniless from six months’ travelling to face thousands of pounds of debt. I’m all in favour of doing stuff on a whim, but not at the risk of repossession or bankruptcy. Granted, prison would be a great place to get lots of writing done, but I’d much prefer to be considered worthy for travel writing shelves, rather than a genre popularised by Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Archer.

And so, with some reluctance and embarassment, I have more or less decided to stick around Glasgow for another year. I’ll do a week or two in the autumn to bag the Canadian mullets and maybe one or two of the north-eastern American ones, but postpone the rest of the world tour until probably the autumn of 2008.

I say reluctance and embarassment because this is something I have, until now, been very confidently declaring as my plan and aiming towards for months. I’ve been looking forward to getting the mission finished and finding out what lies ahead for me in life upon return. So it’s a shame that I’ll be delaying things for another year and dragging the mission over into my thirties, by which time I’d hoped I would have grown out of stupid projects like this.

But on the other hand, I am sure I’ll be able to save up enough money in a year to do the world tour without risking financial ruin. And in any case, another year of Weegieland might just be the time and space I need to get cracking with another couple of ideas I have.

And, of course, to pray for peace in Haiti.

8 thoughts on “Re-think

  1. Hey, Great news for us – we get the joy and blessing of your company for longer! Your time for travel will come, but in the mean time it’s nice to know you will be around.

  2. ..good old there really any need to visit the rest when you’ve already been to the best??Im rhyming..I’ll stop now.

  3. Sorry to hear that your plans have been postponed. I know how much you’ve been looking forward to this. But it sounds like you’ve made the most sensible of decisions (financially, that is). We’ll enjoy having you around for another year though.

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