The LOTR marathon was great fun – indeed, quite a revelation because I’d not seen all the extended versions, so a few scenes were new to me. Having seen them all back to back, I’d say it’s probably the best film trilogy ever. The script, the special effects, the storyline, the acting, all blended together to make a magnificent film.

Sunday’s evening service was a revelation too – because it was on Revelation. As David reports, the theme of coping with the cacophany of the real world was illustrated by the opening of a large, loud market in church, where we were asked to browse around and check out stalls where people were asking us to buy their products, vote for them, and believe their promises of happiness and improvement through material things.

We were asked to suspend our disbelief and throw ourselves into the experience of the market stall, and play along with the idea. I was sorely tempted to do this by going on a rampage and throwing all the stall tables over, but I restrained myself.

3 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. As a born-and-bred Star Wars fan, I have to agree that the LOTR ended up being the best trilogy of all time. The new prequels may have dragged down the originals abit, but Jackson’s films, especially the extended editions, are spectacular.

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