Road trip

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My new regime of not working on Mondays started at the beginning of this month.

The plan has been to do constructive stuff such as writing (both mullet-related and other ideas I have swimming around my brain).

However, so far I’ve had people staying, such as couchsurfers, so have taken the opportunity to be a bit of a tourist.

This Monday past, my couchsurfer and I hired a car and we did a bit of a road trip up the A9 and through the northern Highlands. It’s one drawback of not having a car that I don’t get to do this more often.

The trip included a couple of firsts – my first time inside Dornoch Cathedral, and my first time in the town of Wick (which surprised me by not being as rubbish as I’d heard. Nice sunny weather helped).

I took plenty photos on the trip – the least rubbish ones can be found here.

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