San Francisco

I’ve just uploaded a couple of photos from Eureka and the Valley of the Giants in northern California.

But before we reached those places, we had a couple of days in the outstanding city of San Francisco, and I’ve put up a veritable barrowload of pictures from there in the last day or two.

After the glitz of Los Angeles, San Francisco came as something of a contrast and a surprise – earthy, a little rugged, and gritty in a way that seemed quite New York-ish.

The downtown area boasted some grand early 20th century and more modern skyscrapers and office blocks, nestled together tightly to create an overwhelming “big city” feel that the lower-rise, more sprawling Los Angeles didn’t seem to manage.

That, and particularly the New York feel, strongly suited black and white shots, I felt, so you’ll find lots of those among my San Francisco photos.

Further out, there was some gorgeous Art Deco architecture, Chinatown, zig-zaggy Lombard Street, the beautiful harbour, and of course the famous Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

I’d definitely go back.

Not right now, though…

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