Saturday 6 August, 2005

It’s been strange (in a nice way) wondering around Inverness again after so long. It’s a glorious sunny day today, the city centre is brimming with tourists, and there’s an open air market on Eastgate and surprisingly tolerable buskers on the High Street. Just the sort of bustling atmosphere that makes Inverness so exhilirating in the summertime. However, I am disappointed that Safeways (well, Morrison’s as it is now) have brought in lots of changes while I’ve been away, including moving the bacon to aisle 27. It took me ages to find it in its new home next to the chicken.

I was a bit perturbed, however, to see loads of people in Rangers tops around town. I was thinking that Caley Thistle had lost their appeal while I’d been away or something and was despairing of those who don’t support their local team, until I got home again and found that Caley were in fact playing at home to Rangers this afternoon. So that’s alright then.

Tonight I’m off out on the town with mates. I wonder how easy it will be to find a schooner of Toohey’s New.

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