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I’ve just noticed that on the “Up The Creek Without A Mullet” page on, they’re currently offering a 10% discount on pre-orders. You’ll save yourselves a whopping 80p if you order now!

Of course, that means that (according to my understanding) at the reduced price I’ll lose out on a whole 8p per copy in royalties. As a result,, my friend Kieran‘s aid organisation to whom I am donating 10% of my royalties, will in turn lose 0.8p per copy. If my maths is right, of course. Which it probably isn’t.

Huge financial losses, I am sure you’ll agree. But I trust your conscience to be restrained.

Oh and talking of the Amazon page, the eagle-eyed among you will notice that – at the time of writing, anyway – the cover is yet to be uploaded, and in the author profile I am somehow aged by seven years (I was actually born in 1978). Apparently amendment requests on Amazon pages take several days to take effect, so I could be 38 for some time yet.

Finally, and to be serious for a brief moment, I’d just like to plug again the good work of Kieran and others’ work through this organisation has helped many people in a variety of countries, and I’ve had the privilege of being on two particular convoys with Kieran in 1999 and 2003. Both trips, particularly the latter, are mentioned in the book, but‘s own website will tell you a whole lot more.

8 thoughts on “Save 80p!

  1. Ah yes, well spotted Ben. That bit is just a copy of the author profile from the book itself, which won’t be out until February, of course by which time I will be married.

    I didn’t realise it would also appear on Amazon, but at this rate it’ll take too long to change and then change back, so I figured I’d just leave it!

  2. Congratulations on getting published (and, indeed, on your engagement!).

    You could always sign up for an “Amazon Associates” account and make (most of) the 10% back on at least some transactions, by referring people via a commission-earning link 🙂

  3. Actually, think it would be more like 5% (initially, at least) – so it would be “some of” rather than “most of” the 10% you made back…

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