Send me your mullets!

As you’ll be aware, I’ve had a competition on the go recently for people to suggest a competition, which just recently closed meaning we can start the competition properly now.  Yes, takes a little moment’s thought, doesn’t it?  The winner of both that competition and the winning competition idea win a signed copy of my book.

Andrew from Beauly, Inverness-shire, was the winner of that first competition.  He suggested, appropriately enough, a mullet competition – submit photos of you with a mullet, and the best/worst mullet wins.  Congratulations Andrew, your book is in the post.

I’ve decided that the competition will only be for past mullets – if you have one right now, then that’s shameful and you don’t deserve to win.  So dig out those old family photos, rake around in your lofts for school shots, and regress yourselves back to the 1970s and 1980s to see what you remember sprouting on your head.

The mullets are a shameful haircut, and it’s only right to celebrate/commiserate that shame.

So get submitting!  You have until the end of October, and the full details and rules are here.

4 thoughts on “Send me your mullets!

  1. If I recall brother, you had a neo-nazi style mullet for about 45 minutes when in the midst of a haircut you stopped to have a curry. I think mum has a photograph…

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