Shenavall circuit

More photos on Flickr

The year’s mission to get out more at weekends and make the most of the beautiful walking opportunities nearby, continues.

As does the weather’s mission to be as miserable as possible. Thankfully Saturday’s walk around the Shenavall circuit, south of Ullapool, wasn’t a particularly rainy one. But the mist obscured our views quite considerably, even though the route didn’t take us over 400m.

It was still an interesting and beautiful walk, especially when we descended a pass to arrive at Shenavall MBA bothy, which was at a lovely position at the head of Loch Sealga. Eventually things cleared up towards the end of the afternoon.

One of these weekends, it’ll be gloriously blue skies and bright sunshine, and I’ll get some great photos. And then complain about how stifingly hot it was.

As usual, photos on Flickr.

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