Six Degrees of Richard Bacon

I was talking to a friend recently about the theory of six degrees of separation, which I find fascinating.

You’ve maybe heard of the derivative theory, six degrees of Kevin Bacon, which is that every actor is only six film connections away from Kevin Bacon.

I mentioned idly to my friend that there should also be a theory of six degrees of Richard Bacon, based on connections to to the TV and radio presenter Richard Bacon. Of course, it would have to be specific to him, and there are two options.

Firstly, it could be drugs-related. Bacon (Richard, not Kevin) famously was sacked from Blue Peter for taking cocaine (not in the show, it should be added). For example, someone who was taking cocaine with him at the time, or supplying it, might have a Richard Bacon factor of 1. Someone else connected to that person through the buying, selling or taking of drugs would have a Richard Bacon factor of 2. And so on from there, the theory being that every druggie in the world is only six degrees of drug-related separation from Richard Bacon.

Another option is through his excellent show on Radio 5 Live – someone who been a guest on the show might have a Richard Bacon factor of 1, someone who has appeared on radio with that person would have a factor of 2, and so on. Maybe everyone in radio is only six degrees of separation from Richard Bacon?

The possibilities are endless.

Of course, all this leaves open the idea of other bacon-related theories – such as the six degrees of smoky bacon, which could see the whole world interconnected through the consumption of crisps or even bacon butties.

There could also be the six degrees of Francis Bacon, but given he has been dead for nearly four centuries this could be difficult.

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