Gulls and Eden Court

No major news to report at the moment, so here’s a run-down of the top ten bits and pieces not worth whole blog entries to themselves.

  1. I have a bluebottle infestation in the flat. I am spending the evening with the windows open, looking for any piles of manure or rotting corpses I may have absent-mindedly left lying around.
  2. The new Sigur Ros album arrived today. It’s very good. A little bit of a departure from their previous offerings, however, so I might take a few listens before reach any firm conclusions. Incidentally, the latest edition of Q which I read in Loch Ossian Youth Hostel (of all places) has a hilarious article about the band.
  3. I was in Dundee yesterday for work.
  4. Work takes me to Glasgow tomorrow and Edinburgh the day after. Here’s hoping the bluebottles don’t take over, horror film style, in the two days I am away. Anyone at a loose end in Glasgow around 3 or Edinburgh around 8 tomorrow?
  5. I recently booked flights to the USA for September’s mullet-hunting expedition. Justin is coming too. I must blog all the latest mullet news soon. Nag me if I don’t.
  6. I’m taking a holiday from Couchsurfing this month. I’ve had some amazing people to stay the past couple of months, but I think I will appreciate a bit of peace and quiet in the flat for a while. Bluebottles excepted.
  7. Thanks to one of my recent couchsurfers, I have discovered and been thrilled by the spectacular Mogwai-esque American band Explosions in the Sky.
  8. I am looking forward to August, when my work contract becomes permanent and I start working a four day week.
  9. I turn 30 in just over three weeks. Gulp. The Stenna stairlift is on order.
  10. I’ve taken a few ok-ish pictures around Inverness in the last few days. One is above.

How are you?

9 thoughts on “Smorgasbord

  1. It’s a reflection of your personality. WordPress takes your URL, your name and content and does a complicated psychological analysis to produce a pattern that reflects your inner psyche.

    No it’s not. It’s an automatic thing explained here on the WordPress blog.

    Annoying? Should I turn them off?

  2. What are your bluebottles like?

    Over here they’re are nasty little jellyfish that prevent people swimming at the beach in summer. The only way to kind of escape their sting is to wear pantyhose…

    I think yours are prolly different critters, but you can try the pantyhose thing anyway… might work…

  3. 30, tell me about it. The “happy day” was on the 22nd of June (for future reference) and let me tell you I was not happy turning 30… humf.

  4. I like the picture of the seagulls, but feel the picture wuld have been better if you’d managed to organise white doves to perform – they are generally more symbolic, and less noisy than seagulls

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