Smug, but tired

I’m back in Inverness, after a long and fun weekend in Glasgow.

I had a good time catching up with lots of people, the weather was (mostly) good, and most importantly I am the proud owner of a brand new MacBook.

This evening’s tasks have therefore included acclimatising myself to my new baby. It’s of course very different to a PC in how it does things, how intuitive the commands are and where things can be found. It’s been a bit confusing and frustrating, to be honest, but on the whole it has been exciting to be away from my crumbling, sluggish PC laptop.

Further fiddling around with the Mac – plus a million and one other things I need to catch up on – will have to wait until later, however. I have a busy week ahead, where I will mostly be in Aberdeen and Arbroath, and then next weekend I will be in Cardiff.

Time to catch up on sleep…

…oh, but before I go: a joke courtesy of David McCarthy‘s sermon at St Silas on Sunday morning:

What’s the capital of Iceland?
– about two pounds fifty.

6 thoughts on “Smug, but tired

  1. Congratulations on your MAC. As a PC/Windows ‘professional’ I use mac exclusively for home use to get away from windows and to edit video on a good platform. Anyway, two hints as you get used to your mac
    1- get an uninstaller that logs where applications install files before you start installing too much crap (I use CleanApp) because the mac doesn’t come with one and no matter what they say just dragging the application to the bin doesn’t remove everything.
    2- google for ‘new to mac’ and get some hints, especially you need to start using keyboard shortcuts because it looks really cool and after all that is the main reason for having a mac šŸ™‚

    Sorry I couldn’t catch up with you at the weekend I was wiped out on Sunday night with cold and lack of sleep. Next time?!

    see also :

  2. Been meaning to congratulate you on switching over to the other (right) side šŸ™‚ I love Macs and would not ever willingly swap back to PCs. Having to suffer them at work is quite enough…

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