So that was Stirling…

Photos from Stirling, including the book readingThursday was a day trip to Stirling for Nicole and I, to do a bit of touristing in the afternoon and then of course hit Waterstone’s for my book reading.

The reading was fun, the crowd seemed to enjoy it, and I signed a massive pile of stock for the store at the end of it all.

I got a little bored signing stock for anonymous future potential readers, so resorted to putting in some silly messages for those who pick them up and flick through them.  Apologies if you buy one of them.

The store’s events coordinator, Ian, must have had a lot of faith in me that he can shift all those books – and indeed to have made me a “guinea pig” in their new series of events at the Stirling store.

They seem very keen on community and school engagement, and on supporting new authors – which is all good to hear.

Here are a few photos, of both the reading and our meambling (my new word) around Stirling.

The next reading is Glasgow on Wednesday (details here).

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