Some photos from Skye

The day after getting back from three days away last week – Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen – it was off to Skye.

Nicole and I were away there for the weekend, enjoying some unseasonably good weather.

I took some photos, mostly of the beautiful walk along the Quiraing, a lovely part of northern Skye which is home to some awesome scenery.

With an almost other-worldly ruggedness, the jaggedy mountains and dramatic hillside drops made for perfect black and white conditions.

I’ve not done much with the camera lately – I have temporarily mislaid my gorilla pod, ruling out much in the way of night shots – so it was nice to get out with it again.  I like what I took, though what I uploaded is somewhat repetitive.

Today and tomorrow are days off to deal with various bits and pieces, and the only trip later on in the week is a morning in Fraserburgh.

After so much book stuff, it’s nice to get back to normal, albeit briefly.

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