Sorting stuff out

I’ve been continuing to get into the swing of my new Mac, and while there are still some frustrations, I am slowly getting to grips with more of what it can do.

iPhoto, for instance, is excellent. I’ve uploaded some photos from the last few weeks, including some of The Big Jig, which you may remember me blogging about. The Big Jig was a charity ceilidh by Glasgow band The Jiggers, whose frontman Greg, a friend of mine, asked me to take some photos for the band’s publicity purposes.

Now those who know/tolerate my photographs know that I am rubbish at doing anything with people or action. Preferably, my subjects should be absolutely still while being snapped, and ideally should have been motionless since the last ice age. So a ceilidh was a bit of a tall order, and as predicted around 90% of what I took was squint, blurry cack. A handful, however, were not so bad.

Something else I’ve been sorting out has been the world of music. My old PC of course died in the arms of the guys at the Apple store when they were transferring files on to my MacBook. They managed to get most files transferred, including nearly all my photos, but sadly none of my music.

I managed to do some CPR on the PC last night – though before you think that makes me some sort of computer whizz, my equivalent of those big iron things that doctors use after shouting “clear!!” was actually just me pressing the “on” button repeatedly until it grumbled into life. I managed to save all my music from “A” to “J” before it died again. Who knows if I can resurrect it once more.

So for the time being, byebye Led Zeppelin, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Ulrich Schnauss and others. At least I’ve saved bands like Explosions in the Sky, plus everything I’ve previously bought on the iTunes store.

Of course it’s not really byebye to those bands from “K” onwards – I have pretty much all of them on CD, and can easily burn them all back on to the new Mac. Though that tedious task will take the best part of a day or so – and I can’t see me having time for that until around Christmas.

Oh, and I still haven’t forgotten about the last batch of USA pictures. Watch this space.

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  1. Same thing happened to my Gateway laptop. One day it wouldn’t switch on. I took it to a pc repair shop and they were able to transfer all the data from the hard disc onto a couple of DVD discs (apparently they can hold more data. Nothing worse than thinking you have lost all those photos and music.. It cost me 15 or 20 quid if I recall.

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