Cromarty FirthI was in Stornoway on the isle of Lewis yesterday for work.

It was a really nice day and a gorgeous flight out – although annoyingly I was on a seat over the wing so couldn’t take that many clear photos of the highlands.

It’s a grand journey out of Inverness, past the Moray and Cromarty Firths, and then over the spectacular mountains of the west highlands.

If you ever get the chance, it is particularly lovely going out in the middle of the winter when the sun is still low, and the rich purple sunrise over the jagged, dramatic west coast as you head out over the Minch is quite something.

Stornoway itself was looking nice – as most places do on a bright sunny day – and I was thinking that over the years it has spruced itself up, and the harbour front looks quite pretty now with a lot of the buildings painted in bright colours.

I am sure I should write something more, but it’s late and I have an early start. Here’s a few photos from yesterday to leave you with.

2 thoughts on “Stornoway

  1. did you get a chance to try the Stornoway Black Pudding – the only black pudding worth eating?

    My mum was from Lewis so we spent a lot of summers when I was young up there, don’t go back often enough. So thanks for the reminder.

    Hope you’re doing well.

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