Stunned Mullet


There’s a pub in Palmerston North, a town on New Zealand’s North Island, called the Stunned Mullet.

I heard about it while on my travels last month, although because it’s not an actual place and thus not on the list, I didn’t make time to visit it.

All I managed in my hectic schedule was to pass through Palmerston North on a bus, but had there been a bit more time it might have been nice to stop, have a drink there and take the obligatory photo.

However, one of my friends in New Zealand emailed me the other day to say that they’d recently visited the town and passed the Stunned Mullet. They attached a photo they took.

It appeared to be quite a boring pub,” my friend wrote, “but it was a Sunday morning and apparently Palmy is a place to be on a Saturday night, so maybe it is less stunned than it looked.”

So it’s nice to know what the Stunned Mullet looks like, at least from the outside.

Besides its fish-inspired pub, there was another amusing story that people told me about Palmy.

Apparently, some years ago, John Cleese commented that Palmerston North was the sort of place you would go if you felt suicidal but didn’t quite have enough courage to go through with it.

As an act of revenge, the town named its rubbish dump after him.

One thought on “Stunned Mullet

  1. I think I’ve been to the Stunned Mullet in Palmie (there isn’t much else to do!!!). At first I thought it was called the Stunted Mullet.

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