Sunday 3 April, 2005

Nice view of Inverness, from Craig Dunain.  Click to enlarge Summer's on its way at last.

It was a beautifully sunny day yesterday, and I was determined to head off for a walk and make the most of the weather. I headed along the first stage of the Great Glen Way, a seventy-mile footpath linking Inverness with Fort William, Scotland's rainiest place at the foot of Ben Nevis. Of course, I didn't walk that far, I just headed along the river, through the Ness Islands, and up Craig Dunain, a hill overlooking Inverness, on the slopes of which you will find our local mental hospital.

It was a nice peaceful walk, disturbed only a handful of couples out for a stroll, the rather hardcore-looking Moray Running Club who passed me in their sweating multitude, a meditating hippy woman whose tranquility I shattered, and two rather mentalist tinks camping at the top of the hill who offered me some drugs.

I took the photo on the right from part-way up the hill. As you can see Inverness is in a lovely setting – lovely scenery all around, the sea nearby, and good access to great countryside. I do love living here.

That's about it, really, no amusing anecdote to finish with: I just went for walk, took photos, came home. Thank goodness for blister cream and ice cold lager in the fridge. *

* I only keep one of the above in the fridge.

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