Swirling waterThe clocks change this coming weekend, meaning no more sunshine until sometime around Easter.

So I went for a walk after work today through the Ness Islands, determined to get some nice twilight shots while the afternoons are still vaguely bright. I’ve uploaded three shots which are slightly unusual for me.

The islands were busy. I saw plenty dog walkers and cyclists, a man practising Tai-Chi in the newly-developed open air auditorium, and even saw a bookcrossing book waiting on a bench for a new owner.

I didn’t take it, partly because I am not on bookcrossing, and partly because it was military history which doesn’t interest me and struck me as a bizarre genre for something as fluffy as bookcrossing.

4 thoughts on “Swirls

  1. Love the photo! 🙂
    mook got me a new digital camera with a lot of slr functionality to it and I’m trying to get it to do what I want it to… with not a lot of luck. Wish I could get shots like that…
    Hope you’re well, miss jolly welcoming yourself at St S… Take care & look fwd to hearing about your travels/seeing more photos 🙂

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