Travels with Esperanto

Travels with Esperanto / Vojaĝoj kun Esperanto

This is the third in my occasional series of “Books on the Horizon” – travelogues I dream of researching and writing, though probably never will. In it, I travel the world using Esperanto.

Jenas la tria en mia foja serio de “Libroj sur la Horizonto” – vojaĝoverkoj pri kiu mi revas esplori kaj skribi, sed eble neniam faros. En ĝi, mi transvojaĝas la mondon per Esperanto.



When revisiting a place, it’s always good to see it through different eyes. On a repeat visit to the French city of Toulouse recently, I had the chance to do just that – using very different eyes indeed.


The progress of my Esperanto is having more and more slow phases at the moment. It is hard to find the time to read, study and use the language when it is one I of course don’t really use on a day to day basis. The internet has been invaluable, therefore, particularly interaction with the…

Regular eating

I stumbled across a very powerful example of the beauty of Esperanto last week. This picture was posted on Twitter by a user called @roman_eo, and is a great illustration of the way that the language uses affixes to build words in a logical and easy way. #English vs #Esperanto… — Roman Mutin (@roman_eo)…

Practising Esperanto

Apart from Nigerian scammers, the Daily Mail website and a dreadful, never-ending avalanche of kitten photos, the internet is a pretty remarkable thing.  It’s been a huge tool in my learning of Esperanto which, five months since I started, is probably beyond the “beginner” phase and into “intermediate” territory.  It’s fair to say that Esperanto…

Why I’m learning Esperanto

I’ve always been interested in languages. It’s probably the single thing that most powerfully demonstrates human diversity and represents the gateway to understanding the world better.  If there is one free skill I’d love to have for no effort in return, it would be fluency in one or more other languages.  I am not fluent…