Taking God to court, and other miscellany

Keeping the theological theme from my last post (which is emerging into an interesting discussion if you’ve not yet scoured the comments): have you (if you’re a Christian) ever been asked why, if God exists, he doesn’t heal everyone; why there’s still sickness in the world?

And if you’re not a Christian, have you ever asked or wondered about those questions as you attempt to understand the God that Christians believe exists?

Well, a friend of a friend of mine in Australia, Craig, recently wrote a blog post on that very matter. He’s a Christian and a lawyer, and has imagined the court proceedings that would take place if people took God to court for a breach of his promise to heal us all.

It’s a long post, but a very interesting and thought-provoking examination of the question and is well worth a read.

Moving onto much less deep and meaningful stuff, I can thank Phil for my discovery of the rather magnificent Futility Closet – “an idler’s miscellany of compendious amusements”. Basically, a regular blog of mathematical conundra, chilling mysteries, interesting quotations, obscure words, and curious factoids. Or to put it another way, an endless stream of utterly useless information.

And one last thing I stumbled across – a rather beautiful rendition of Explosions in the Sky track First Breath After Coma – played not with sweeping guitars and crashing drums, but on the piano. Not the best sound quality and a couple of missed notes, but a wonderfully gentle reinterpretation of the original.

Talking of EITS, their tour schedule is taking shape but seems only to be coming as close as Sheffield and Belfast. There have not been any new dates posted lately, so I think this may be my lot. Which do you reckon, dear reader – Belfast or Sheffield? I’ve been to them both and they’re really nice cities, in a “we used to be really gritty and industrial and now we’ve pulled our socks up and modernised but not in a way that ignores our rich heritage” sort of way.

In other news, I’ve been really busy of late – work’s taken me around the place with considerable lack of breathing space (Dundee, Arbroath, Stornoway and Thurso have had the pleasure of my presence this last week or so), and tomorrow I hit the skies again as I head off to Orkney for just over 24 hours.

This weekend coming will be spent at home, albeit that there is lots to do, while the following weekend (23rd) I am in Glasgow for a friend’s wedding – hopefully a good chance to catch up with lots of people, including at St Silas.

But I definitely need some down time. Soon…

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