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Some time ago, and apropos of nothing, I thought that in the highly unlikely instance of me running a successful ceilidh band, I would call them Kroftwerk. Get it?

Anyway, on rushing to the nearest computer I was disappointed to find that there’s a band in Stornoway with just that name. I’ve mentioned this to my brother who told me he saw a CD recently for a band called Ceilidh Minogue. With his crofter’s hat on, he’s come up with suggestions for some more Teuchter versions of bands. Here they are, with the real bands in Italics.

Wirelesshead (Radiohead)
Byre 7 (Shed 7)
Trough (Oasis)
R Ceilidh (R Kelly)
Peat Ash (Ash)
The Farm Animals (The Animals)

And I can think of:

Peat Loaf (Meat Loaf)
Mobile Bank of Sustainable Crofting (Banco de Gaia)
Sheep Dip (Shampoo – remember them?)
Sheep Dog (Snoop Dog. What’s he called this week, incidentally?)
The MacTurtles (The Mock Turtles)
Whisky’s Big Adventure (Misty’s Big Adventure)
The Subsidy Dwellers (The Subcity Dwellers)

Any other suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Teutcher music

  1. Massey Attack. Ha. That’s class. The best one!

    Croft Number 5 – no, they are a real band. My music taste is a bit random, so you may well not have heard of the real band anyway!

    I apologise in advance:

    Art of Farming (Art of Fighting)
    Highland/British Sheep Power (British Sea Power)
    Slap Your Sheep Say Baa (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
    Sheep Dip For Flossy (Death Cab for Cutie)
    Goat Patrol (Snow Patrol)

    Buns N’ Hoses (Guns N’ Roses)

    Must be something for The Kaiser Chiefs and The Divine Comedy

  2. peely-wally dan?
    Och aye U2?
    The disclaimers?
    Lynrd Skintit?

    I know a guy called Billy who is plays the bagpipes, hence : Billy Piper

    And I’ve played in a band called Ceilidh’s Heroes, and before anyone nicks it, that name is TM’d to me!

  3. I’m the guitarist in Kroftwerk and yeah it can be hard to find a good name. We also considered Sheep Trick and Ram Stain (Rammstein) before settling on Kroftwerk.

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