That syncing feeling

Up until now, I’ve been suffering from “two diary syndrome”.

It’s frustrating – if I need to be somewhere, I need to check both my personal diary and my work diary to be sure that I’m free. With my work diary being online, that’s something of a hassle.

When I got my iPhone, however, I noticed that there was an option in the calendar for both Home and Work, which syncs with my Mac’s iCal application. It would be great, I thought, if I could somehow get my work calendar (which is on Microsoft Outlook) to appear in my iPhone calendar. But how?

Finally getting around to finding a solution, I googled the problem and found this link. I followed instructions 1 to 3, and then (via a link on that page) followed all the instructions here. And it works!

Just to finish the job, I went into my Calendar app on the iPhone, set it to view all calendars rather than just Home, and hey presto! I now am able to see where I will be personally-wise and work-wise in one screen, and without needing an internet connection.

It was really simple, and even a relative technical novice like me could do it.

Another example of why the iPhone is a truly, truly marvellous piece of kit.

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