The best laid plans…

It’s been a busy summer, what with moving house, going to Spain and work being quite hectic.  Therefore I’d been looking forward to this week and next to get some writing done.

I’m behind on my own personal deadline for writing the sequel to “Up The Creek Without a Mullet”, and part of the problem is not being able to get several days to sit down with the laptop, start getting into the groove, and make some serious headway.  So two weeks off work was the ideal opportunity to get cracking – not only on the second book but a handful of other things I’m writing too (more on which in due course).

However, a nasty stomach bug has somewhat knocked me for six and I haven’t been able to get going so far this week.  Of course, we’re talking about writing not some sort of physically arduous job, so I shouldn’t be too unable to write: writing is after all just sitting at a desk.  However, being ill has left me with little energy or focus, and so it’s been a frustrating couple of days of just resting and slowly recovering.

Fingers crossed I’ll get well soon and be able to get going properly before too long.

One thought on “The best laid plans…

  1. Getter better soon, matey. Today my work was affected by about a third of the kids moaning they have a cold. I’ve had this cold all week, and had to stand in front of the class teaching them all, while they get to sit down all day, so my sympathy for them is limited.

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