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Blue Man GroupIn the last few Deeper services at church, we’ve been exploring the letters to the seven churches in Revelation.

While the examinations have helped me understand a bit more about probably the most difficult book in the Bible, my two key questions about the book remain unanswered: what was John taking when he wrote the book, and can I have some?

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that (in true Deeper multimedia style) there are two videos made by Graham that help us focus on the message of the letters. The music used in the background is great – deep, bassy, brooding, and minimalist. I thought it sounded a little like Mogwai.

I asked Graham who it was, and it turned out to be tracks by the Blue Man Group. They are, apparently, a troupe of performance artists who engage in all sorts of spectacular and high-energy stage-based jiggery-pokery. They’ve produced a couple of albums of the music they use in their performances, music made themselves on often home-made, improvised instruments.

Graham lent me copies of their album yesterday, and they’re very, very good. If you like Mogwai or the slightly darker songs of Sigur Ros, then the Blue Man Group’s stuff might be right up your street.

Seemingly they’re a bit suss on the whole workers’ rights thing… but hey, the music’s good.

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  1. Rob, they did promote a version of the Pentium chip or Intel or whatever (at least they did in the US), but I cannot recall which iteration. I think it was around 2001 or so because I had just started at my job at a telecom company and there were three people who were blue men for Halloween and I had no idea who they were until a month or two later when I finally saw the commercial on the TV.

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