The elderly of today

The way the world’s going, it’s a frequent thing to hear of the elderly generation complain about the terrible lack of respect among young folk in society. Littering is a common source of these complaints – accompanied by disgust for the lack of environmental awareness or appreciation among today’s errant juveniles.

Today, however, things were the other way round.

I was out for a walk along the river earlier this afternoon, and up ahead, I saw an old man in a tweed suit with a dog on a leash. He (the man, not the dog) picked up a box of empty beer bottles from the side of the path. I presumed he’d walk them up to the bin that was a few paces in front of him. How community-spirited of him, I thought to myself.

Until he tottered in the opposite direction and flung them over the railings, where they went crashing down into the river below!

I was utterly gobsmacked. Looking around, I saw that the few folk near us were aghast too. I shouted at him, saying he should have put it in the bin. He was either deaf or ignoring me. If I wasn’t so shocked at his disgusting act, I’d have confronted him a second time.

I suppose I should have done. If he’d got aggressive, I’m sure I would have been more than a match for any fists or bad language he threw at me. And his dog looked pathetically small and of no advantage in a combat situation.

Ah well. If I ever see him again, I’ll mug him. And perhaps use a broken beer bottle, just to add a bit of irony to the situation.

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