The end is in sight

Nine days without a blog. Must be some sort of record.

Lots has happened since I last (briefly) blogged, including going to Dundee again, doing plenty more travel for work (including York and London), doing a bit of unpacking in my flat, catching up with more people, and having Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door (more about that soon).

I’ve also taken quite a few photos, but won’t be able to upload them to Flickr until I get my internet connection at home. And that shouldn’t be too far away – I’ll probably be connected some time next week, so the end of my online exile is in sight.

However whether I spend much time online soon remains to be seen – this coming week will see me in meetings in Thurso, Dundee, Arbroath, Fraserburgh, Elgin and Perth.

Of those, Fraserburgh is the only place I have not been to. I hear it’s a heroin-filled dump, but will give you as full a report when I get back.

Or, perhaps, if I get back.

3 thoughts on “The end is in sight

  1. Welcome back!
    Was beginning to think they’re working you like a slave. A well travelled slave, I suppose. Elgin’s lovely, I think… Can’t wait to hear about the Jehovies. We never get them around here… much to m0ok’s disappointment 🙂
    Have a fab weekend!

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