The end of season 5

Last weekend I reached the end of season 5 of Lost, and what a finale.

The season has been wonderful, and very fast-paced. The action has helped answer a lot of questions and bring us a lot closer to the secrets of the island, and although the ending looks like it could resolve things, there’s a whole season still to come, and so presumably a few more twists and turns are yet to straighten themselves.

It’s been difficult keeping up with the series, and because I get the episodes whenever Justin is able to post them to me, I haven’t always been able to hop on to the invaluable Lostpedia without it being spoiler-filled by the next episodes. So I’ve been spending the last week catching up with it, reminding myself of facts, reading back stories, and brushing up on the theories behind what might be happening.

Has the nuclear detonation undone the crash? Would that be a rubbish anti-climax, or the most “happily-ever-after” we could hope for? And although we know something of what Jacob’s done, who precisely is he? And what told us that his nemesis took on the form of Locke? I completely didn’t get that bit.

Ah well, only eight months or so until season 6 begins.

In other news, I was in Ballater this weekend, and took a few photos.

I am also now enjoying the start of my week off, and aiming to get lots of writing done… just as the sun comes out…

One thought on “The end of season 5

  1. I left Season 5 wondering what was happening. I think it took too many twists and turns for me this season. I’m anxious for them to issue the DVDs so that we can watch it in big chunks (which I find to be helpful).

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