The Faroes Five

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m planning a trip to the Faroe Islands with as many of the “Aberdeen gang” – Justin, Niall, Mark and Claire – as can make it.

Plans are still on, albeit now delayed until June to hopefully take in their home matches against Scotland and Italy in the Euro 2008 qualifiers, and some of us might not be able to make the trip.

I had originally suggested sailing from Aberdeen, with a day or two in Shetland in either direction. I reckon you never quite appreciate distances when flying, and sailing the north Atlantic would have been a unique and challenging experience, a great excuse to visit Shetland again, and above all a chance to appreciate the journey as much as the destination – which is what travel is all about.

That said, I am a dreadful sailor, and four twelve-hour sailings in about a week would probably have been the end of me. So it’s probably a good thing I was outvoted by those who in favour of flying.

Justin booked the flights today for those of us who are certain about going, and I am now a whopping £276.40 poorer, but also £276.40 more excited.

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