The finishing line

MulletOver the past while, I’ve been feeling a bit nervous and apprehensive about chucking it all in and going travelling – is the mission really worth it?

But then just yesterday I was idly browsing through Flickr. The online photo community, where I store my photos, is an amazing site with so much to explore and so many ways to explore it.

I noticed someone had put a photo in the Inverness group and also had a set of pictures of Albania (his name’s Mark Walley, incidentally, and he has a website too). Albania is a country I know and love, and so I began leafing through Mark’s pictures, recognising various landmarks from Tirana and reminiscing on my three trips there in 1999, 2001 and 2003.

Then I stumbled upon the picture above. Oh boy, as Sam Beckett would say. The final mullet I intend to visit – and the one I accidentally didn’t visit in 2003.

Thanks to Mark I’ve seen proof of the finishing line. Surely I can’t have any doubts about the mission now.

It’s a sign.


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