The Great Firewall of China

Great firewall of China

I’ve just stumbled across this very interesting website that tells you if a site is viewable in China or not.

The resistance to freedom of speech in China has extended to the internet, and the blocking of websites for Chinese internet users is known as the “great firewall of China” – see this BBC news article and pages here and here from good old Wikipedia.

I tested my website and blog and both were blocked.

I can’t think of anything I’ve ever written that offends the Chinese government, but I suppose it would be a poorer refection on me if my sites were acceptable to their censors…

10 thoughts on “The Great Firewall of China

  1. I must be innocuous, as my blog CAN be seen in China. I’m kind of disappointed, at not being as subversive as you, Simon………

  2. Damn you! I was just writing the same post and clicked on your blog to test the URL. I’m not sure I trust the site though, as it seems to have mixed results. was not blocked when I tried…

  3. My blog and myspace are blocked πŸ™ but it says my location is USA? I understand that maybe the blog and myspace hosts are in the US but when i tried BBC it said I was in the US too??? any ideas simon the rebel?

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