The home group from…

A friend at St Silas, Maggs, was asked by the leader of the drama group to write a sketch about a bad example of home group worship. She roped me into helping, and we threw a sketch together one evening.

It was performed at church on Sunday, although sadly I missed it as I was in London, so haven’t heard any independent reports as to how it went. I did see one rehearsal though, and the actors did a grand job of it there.

David has blogged the script, so feel free to have a read. I think it’s really funny, but then I’m biased.

6 thoughts on “The home group from…

  1. Thanks all.

    Jon, yes that was the image we were trying to convey!

    Stephen – we perhaps should have added at the end of the script something like “all characters portrayed are entirely fictitious, and any resemblance to persons either living or dead is purely coincidental“!

  2. Well done! It was really very funny and David was superbly cast. A natural comedian hamming it up with gusto!

    Perhaps someone has videotaped it that you could it see it or maybe they’ll repeat the performance on another ocassion when you are there.

    I do hope you and Maggs will write more episodes..

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