The mysteries of Luss

AnimalToday was the second time I went on one of the St Silas Deathmarches. Like my first time, the hillwalk was tough – 11 miles, freezing cold, lots of wind and rain, and huge amounts of snow especially on higher ground.

We walked the length of a glen near Luss, in the Trossachs, then came back via a ridge of mountains encircling it from which there were grand views all the way back to Loch Lomond.

The snow made it hard-going, but there are some good photos as a result.

Two things to run past you all, though. The first was an animal we saw in a field on our way out (see above). It had the shape of a deer, but its coat seemed too thick and the wrong colour. It rather reminded us of a llama without a neck (not, admittedly, a frequent sight for any of us). Any suggestions?

FaceSecondly, near the summit of the far end of the mountain range there was a most surreal phenomenon – the appearance of a face in the rocks. It looked a lot flatter close up from the side, but from this distance it was striking.

As we came over a hill and were confronted with it, it was something of a surreal, and even slightly spooky moment because it looked just so convincing – like Mount Rushmore meets pagan mountain-worship, or something.

I am sure there must be some legends or old stories about it, but I can’t remember the name of the particular mountain and I can’t be bothered looking it up because I am shattered. So… anyone got any light to shed?

6 thoughts on “The mysteries of Luss

  1. I am not sure what that animal is at all, but I am quite certain it does not look like a deer. Have you ever seen Bambi?

    No, looks more like the donkey character from Shrek…just less animated and sassy.

  2. Do you think it might be a winter coat for the little deer?

    Or perhaps you all have just discovered some formerly unheard of species and fame and fortune will soon be yours.

  3. Whow! That’s so creepy! And yet so beautiful!
    I tried to find an answer to the mountainfacequestion (where? legend?) but failed… I did, however, look at all 1261 pictures which have “Luss” as a tag in my search for the answer… Now I’m a bit cross-eyed :-p
    And now I know lots and lots of people make photo’s of ducks and swans in Luss. Never knew that before.
    If you find the legend you’re looking for, please tell me, I’m curious!!!
    And a bit jealous too, seeing all of the snow… Here it’s just wind, wind and a bit of lightning. Snow would be so much better 🙂
    Everything fine there?

  4. Lara and Chris appear to be on the button – according to the poster here it is indeed a deer.

    And Sonja, there will no doubt be an explanation that crops up some time soon. And ja, ik ben goed, dank je vaal!

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