The mystery of the Kelvin tollbridge

River KelvinI went for a walk this evening along the river Kelvin, the only stretch of water in Scotland to be named after a measurement of temperature.

It was a lovely sunny evening, but I was rather intrigued when I stopped at a small building that had a story written on the door.

Read it for yourself here.

As you can see, the story cuts off halfway through. The building was dedicated to the wonderfully monikered Friends Of the River Kelvin (FORK), and so I googled them, and dropped them the following email:

Dear FORK (great acronym, by the way)

I was just passing this building this evening, which I assume counts as the gateway to FORK’s secret underground headquarters.

I was intrigued by the story of the flood, but sadly it seems like the writer didn’t finish it. What happened subsequent to the toll bridge washing away in the flood? Is there an explanation?

Or, in a fit of irony, did the second half of the story get washed away by a flood?

Yours on tenterhooks


I await a response. As always, dear readers, you’ll be the first to hear if I get one.

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