The Next Stop coverage

Courier articleAn article was published today in the Courier about The Next Stop.

(And when I say “Courier”, I mean the newspaper no longer called the Dundee Courier, and not the paper that is still called the Inverness Courier.)

It was based on only a short interview with me, so I’m chuffed they’ve bulked it out to be an entire page. Which means I can forgive them the slight error of saying that I did the visits to the stations over several trips, rather than one long one as was the case.

The article is not online, but the Courier kindly sent me a copy of the page. Click on the image on the right to see the larger version.

Meanwhile, you may not have seen this lovely review on Undiscovered Scotland, a site I reckon is the country’s best online guide website. “Told in an engaging style”, they said. Which is nice.

There are one or two other irons in the fire in terms of publicity for The Next Stop. I’ll let you know as and when they evolve (if indeed that’s what irons do when they’re in fires).

And if you’ve read the book, I’d be awfully grateful for a wee review on Amazon, if you can be bothered – whether positive or not.

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