The obligatory post-World Cup blog

Ils pense que c'est tout fini... c'est maintenant!So that’s the end of the World Cup.

It’s been something of a disappointment, with some really exciting games in the group stages giving way to defensive and unimaginative football later on.

And something needs to be done about penalty shoot-outs. They make for good drama but are simply games of nerves and don’t really feel like proper football. Games are being decided by what are effectively lotteries where teams can win despite not really deserving to.

It’s time they were abolished and replaced with something else. One idea I’ve heard is to get the mascots on for ten minutes each way to see if they can do better at scoring. My more serious preference would be is counting yellow and red cards, so that teams can be rewarded for discipline and are encouraged to battle on if, for example, it’s still a draw but they are behind on disciplinary points.

Any other suggestions? The sublime and the ridiculous are both welcome.

4 thoughts on “The obligatory post-World Cup blog

  1. Hi Simon
    I would have to disagree with getting rid of the shoot out, there really is no other way that I can think of. The idea of a so called ‘fair play’ count wouldn’t work as I think there are times when cards are brandished in error or when the player has committed a foul but with no malice intended making it very hard to use such a system. Plus I think that pushing the laws and ref to the limit are often part of the game and were they not then the boring spectacles would become even more boring! I agree that the shoot out can become a lottery but having said that it is also a stage upon which top athletes are challenged to keep their calm and nerve, often with the those who fail to do so ending up on the losing team which lets not forget is essential to sport – winners and losers! Anyway, just a few of my thoughts for what they’re worth!
    PS. If only England could win one…

  2. After the 120 minutes, it becomes a five-a-side. The managers can pick any five players, whether previously subbed or never on the field (obviously not red cards). There would be a ten minute break for tactics and recuperation, then the game would be played to a finish.

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