The rest of the Shetland photos

Orange skiesI’ve been enjoying a quiet Saturday so far, so have been pressing on with uploading photos from the rest of the Shetland trip.

It was so nice, after so many visits of rarely seeing more than the college, the airport and Lerwick town centre, to be able to get to pretty much most bits of the mainland and to a number of the smaller isles.

CoveShetland is such a diverse, beautiful and surprisingly large place. With the weather as amazing as it was, and company in the form of my fiancee Nicole, it will definitely rank as one of the best holidays I’ve had.

I can’t be bothered doing much of a blow-by-blow account of the rest of the trip, but on many of the photos I have uploaded I’ve put a bit more background information and provided links where I can. Old houseSo you’re best just browsing today’s uploads, or the trip’s set as a whole.

Some highlights, however, include beautiful beaches such as Bannamin or St Ninian’s, the northernmost island of Unst, and the utterly charming and compelling Fetlar.

Shetland – like much of the rest of Scotland, I suppose – can always be a bit of a lottery in terms of transport and sightseeing due to the unpredictable weather, and Old wallsthe enjoyment of this trip was significantly boosted by what people told us had been the best sunshine in years.

However, seeing as it’s an amazing place in all weathers, it’s a trip worth taking and I can’t wait to go back some time – to see some place again, and perhaps make it to other parts I didn’t make it to this time…

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