The white stuff

It seems I spoke too soon about the snow – a lot fell last night, and then this evening at dusk, just as I was heading out for a wee wander with the camera, it began to fall again.

Not too much though. It was more than a light dusting, but less than a deluge. A gentle shower, perhaps. It made for some lovely scenes around Inverness, the sky strangely illuminated as the lights of the city were trapped by low, thick, snug cloud.

But I hope there’s not too much more snow fall overnight, as I am off to Edinburgh early in the morning for work. I’ll be staying overnight which will give me a chance to catch up with some friends and see something more of Edinburgh than just the walk between Waverley station and my office, which I haven’t done in a while.

Then on Monday night I fly down to London for work for twenty-four hours. It would be nice if there was enough snow to make London look a little different and more interesting than it usually does, but not too much that it impedes my travel. A difficult balance to strike, I feel.

Anyway, here is tonight’s crop of photos.

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